Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guatemala, the chasm of Agatha

Guatemala City. Here is the huge crater that appeared in the capital Agatha after the storm, which caused 180 deaths between Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The pit is about 30 meters deep and 20 meters in diameter. Geologists are concerned that the crater could be expanding. The circular shape of the hole suggests the existence of a training fund in the cavernous, but the exact causes of the opening is still a mystery.

And you think you're safe?


  1. remember that shitty alien v. predator movie? where the predators shot a laser through the ice that made the perfectly circular entrance hole to their underground temple where they reawakened the Aliens? so they could let them loose and hunt them?

    Yeah. i'm scared too.

  2. It's simple. It's just a collapsed greater venom worm's lair.

  3. THAT HOLE IS HUGE!!!! a storm did that, no way. sweet pic keep it up.